Snowbirds May Be Gone, Yet Many Buyers Remain

Shopping for a HomeAs we know, a significant number of our fellow Terravita residents live out of state and out of the country, making this an enviable choice for a second residence for those who aren’t permanent residents of Arizona.  This percentage of out of area residents in Terravita is calculated as high as 30%+.  On our street, I only saw 4 trashcans out last evening and yes most of the rest have left until October.

“Not a good time to put your home on the market”, you think?  Not so quick.  Listings in north Scottsdale and Terravita in particular continue to enjoy ongoing sales, reasonable days on market and a host of buyers waiting for the next home to go on the market. And it doesn’t mean these homes are priced under-market.  There are plenty of examples in our community, that a well-priced home that comes on the market looking sharp, clean, freshly painted with carpets, windows and floors clean and sparkling will be bring buyers ready to make the move through the summer.  Those who didn’t find the right home before they left town, in many cases left very specific instructions to their REALTOR to contact them immediately if the right home became available.

I am also acutely aware of my clients who either reside here in Terravita or elsewhere, that have given me their wish list of exactly what they are looking for in a home to purchase, down to the model they wish.  Currently, I have clients looking for a Vallis with a Casita, a Stella, or a Terreus.  So if you are an owner of one of these floor-plans and receive a postcard from me asking if you are interested in selling, my search is legitimate and on behalf of my client base.

Our marketing efforts continue to reach out to our Terravita homeowners in their summer residences with targeted mailings that we design to be helpful to homeowners thinking of remodeling or selling.  Our marketing efforts reach our homeowners and interested Buyers in Canada and throughout the United States. Our internet efforts and the power of RE/MAX International franchises in 24 countries and nearly 90,000 agents worldwide is one more reason why we are able to loudly proclaim, no one sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

Have I peaked your interest? Want to know more about your home value and our unique strategies?  Give us a call.  I am only a phone call, email, or a few blocks away.  YOU will always set the pace.  We can work as quickly or as slowly as YOU wish.  We are at YOUR service..