Foreclosure is Avoidable

Foreclosure-optionsWe are very fortunate that few Terravita homes end up in foreclosure, a travesty for homeowners and an impact on community values. In the past five years, I helped countless homeowners throughout the valley, avoid foreclosure through short sales, a process which has been greatly streamlined, preferred by lenders and well received in the real estate community as the agents who are experienced in short sales manage and maneuver through the stages with great skill. I am aware of three foreclosures in our community this year which in my opinion is three too many.

Life alerting occurrences happen to all of us, whether job changes, divorce, death, or becoming responsible for extended family. As a community we can always reach out to help one another. I sincerely ask that if you know anyone experiencing such challenges and think they only have “walking away and giving the property back to the bank” is their only choice, please have them call me for a confidential interview. I am here with the resources and information that could make a huge difference to anyone wanting a better solution.

Monthly we provide you the big picture of everything that is happening in our community within the past 30 days. I continue to offer to do a more microscopic picture of how your specific home fits into the current marketplace. We all secretly are curious about our home value, as it helps us make so many home decisions from refinance to home improvements and whether or not it makes sense to do either. I send these quarterly reports via email. Just a quick email to me or a simple phone call 602-850-4335 , and I will do the rest as a courtesy to you, my fellow neighbors.

Look forward to seeing you around the community.