How to Hire a Realtor With Your Eyes Open

Seriously? Dream with Your Eyes Open? You can’t do that. And you’re right! If you were part of last Christmas’ craze for the Fit Bit or the jawbone UP, you would know, to no surprise, that when you dream, your eyes are shut. Your dreams occur during deep sleep, which occurs several times during the night, typically in short bursts and is known as REM.Gayle Henderson REMAX

But what about when you dream of your next home; what will it look like, what will you need to do before you can realize that dream, and at what price do you need to sell your current home in order to move forward with your goals and your dreams? That’s where your REALTOR becomes your guide.

Just imagine for a moment that you can’t see and you need to cross a very busy street without a signal or cross walk. Would you entrust getting across that road safely, with just anyone? Of course not. You would need to have the ultimate trust in that person and specifically that they would do what it reasonably takes to get you across the road, while first protecting your interests, priorities and safety; not their own.

Not unlike the physicians Hippocratic oath “above all else do no harm”, the first page of the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is very clear that….. “the term REALTOR” has come to connote competency, fairness and high integrity resulting from adherence to a lofty ideal of moral conduct in business relations. No inducement of profit and no instruction from clients ever can justify departure from this ideal”.

So when you are about to hire a REALTOR to represent you in a lease, purchase or sale of a property, interview local REALTORS familiar with your community, 2- 3 should be sufficient; any more than that and you lose your attention and enthusiasm in the process. Ask a series of questions which will reveal their qualities, integrity and commitment to their industry. And finally trust your intuition through a dialogue or conversation that this person sincerely listens to what is important to you and either is or is not somewhat you see trusting, working with and respecting their advice during the process.

Over the past 21 years, I have compiled a list of some of the best questions that prospective sellers or buyers asked me in interviews. If you would like a copy of my list of questions for your next interview, call 602-850-4335 or email me at

And remember “Dream with your Eyes Open”.

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Lights, Camera, Action – Preparing Your Home for Photography

Preparing your home for PhotographyOne of the most important aspects of marketing your home is the photography. Most buyers and agents will decide whether to visit your property simply by the photos they see on the internet or MLS.

The smallest of actions we take up front, can produce huge results! Here are some suggestions to help make your home a star. Please note that you do not have to do everything on the list, but whatever you do will pay off in dividends!


  • Remove cars or trucks from the driveway or in front of the house so we can get a clear view of the property.
  • Remove any trash cans, toys, or equipment from the front or visible side of the home.
  • If it is dusk, please turn on all the lights on the patio areas, pools, etc. If you have a firepit or waterfall – turn them on.
  • Hide pool nets along side of house. Remove pool skimmer prior to photographer arriving as it drips water on the pool deck.
  • Remove any debris with a quick sweep on the patios.


  • Turn on all the lights two days before the photo shoot to make sure they work and replace any burned out. On day of shoot, turn lights on and open blinds to make the space is as light as possible.
  • Hide personal photos or special memorabilia that you don’t want the world to see.
  • Clean windows if needed.
  • Hide pet bowls and litter pans.
  • Remove magnets/notes from refrigerators.
  • Remove appliances from the counters in the kitchen to show off as much space as possible.
  • Put some fresh flowers in a vase or citrus in a bowl for a splash of color in the kitchen and/or bathrooms.
  • Make all beds, put clothes in laundry.
  • Take used towels off the shower door, and toiletries off counters.Place fresh towels on the rack neatly folded.

If you have any spectacular photos of your home with stunning sunsets or views, we’d be happy to include them in our marketing. We look forward to the marketing and sale of your home! Please let us know if you have any questions.

What Matters Most in the Terravita REALTOR you Choose

team-300x226Not all REALTORS are the same and being successful in real estate has many complex components.  When you hire someone to represent you in the sale of your Terravita home, you really are looking for someone who will take the care, the time and energy to treat your home sale as if it were their own.  We believe you hire us to market your home and all of its amenities and benefits to as wide an audience as we can possibly reach through ALL of our resources.  Through the Multiple List System (MLS), print ad and truly, the “world wide web”, we can reach an infinite number of Buyers and Agents.  And if we do our job correctly, which is to market-blitz your home, chances are, we will not be the one to bring you the offer.  What does that matter as long as it sells?  It matters a lot.  The wider the audience the more probable you will sell your home for the highest amount possible in the fewest days and with the least amount of hassle.

There are approximately 40,000  REALTOR-members in Arizona Association of REALTORS, with 8,200  Scottsdale Area REALTOR Association members. These numbers demonstrate that the odds are in the favor of a cooperative agent bringing us the offer, along with a possibility of getting multiple offers resulting in a potential sales price above listed price. We lose that edge if we don’t use those resources.

One of the first Real Estate lessons I learned from watching others, is what it takes to be an exceptional agent.  People like working with people they know, or have been referred to, who have good communications skills and have developed good relationships.  That not only applies to the Seller, in making their REALTOR choice, but to a Buyer Agent in their comfort level in the professionalism of the Listing Agent.  REALTOR reputation matters.  And I will attest that our Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS has a great reputation for professionalism in the valley. What matters is understanding that we sell your home three times during the process.   We sell your home and our reputation to fellow REALTORS to make them comfortable to show your home to their clients.  We sell your home to the Buyer to give them the comfort level to make an offer and if a loan is needed by the Buyer, we sell your home to the appraiser to support the value in the purchase price.  If you would like to know more about our Certified Wiser Home strategy, please email or call me.

So what matters most to us, probably matters most to you in both business and personal interactions.  It is creating partnerships in all facets of the transaction where good communications skills and open dialogue are born of a commitment to mutual respect.