How to Hire a Realtor With Your Eyes Open

Seriously? Dream with Your Eyes Open? You can’t do that. And you’re right! If you were part of last Christmas’ craze for the Fit Bit or the jawbone UP, you would know, to no surprise, that when you dream, your eyes are shut. Your dreams occur during deep sleep, which occurs several times during the night, typically in short bursts and is known as REM.Gayle Henderson REMAX

But what about when you dream of your next home; what will it look like, what will you need to do before you can realize that dream, and at what price do you need to sell your current home in order to move forward with your goals and your dreams? That’s where your REALTOR becomes your guide.

Just imagine for a moment that you can’t see and you need to cross a very busy street without a signal or cross walk. Would you entrust getting across that road safely, with just anyone? Of course not. You would need to have the ultimate trust in that person and specifically that they would do what it reasonably takes to get you across the road, while first protecting your interests, priorities and safety; not their own.

Not unlike the physicians Hippocratic oath “above all else do no harm”, the first page of the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is very clear that….. “the term REALTOR” has come to connote competency, fairness and high integrity resulting from adherence to a lofty ideal of moral conduct in business relations. No inducement of profit and no instruction from clients ever can justify departure from this ideal”.

So when you are about to hire a REALTOR to represent you in a lease, purchase or sale of a property, interview local REALTORS familiar with your community, 2- 3 should be sufficient; any more than that and you lose your attention and enthusiasm in the process. Ask a series of questions which will reveal their qualities, integrity and commitment to their industry. And finally trust your intuition through a dialogue or conversation that this person sincerely listens to what is important to you and either is or is not somewhat you see trusting, working with and respecting their advice during the process.

Over the past 21 years, I have compiled a list of some of the best questions that prospective sellers or buyers asked me in interviews. If you would like a copy of my list of questions for your next interview, call 602-850-4335 or email me at

And remember “Dream with your Eyes Open”.

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Terravita_Sign 260A collaborative effort of 12 REALTORS representing 8 different companies launched the 2014  monthly Terravita Home Tour of properties on the market for sale, on February 28th.  The consensus was it was a great success with many of the listing agents reported a steady stream of visitors,  with 25-35 different groups of people viewing the homes.  The monthly Open House Extravaganza  scheduled for the last Friday of every month from 2:00-5:00pm invites all Brokers with listings in Terravita to participate. The event is open  to residents, other Brokers, and the public for the tour.
Currently  Terravita has well over 40 Active listings, with more coming on each week  giving everyone a reason to make the  Last Friday of the month Open House Tour a must event. Terravita Home Tour Guide Books are available at the Security Gate by 1:45pm on the day of the tour. A list of the Homes on Tour is available by email, the Monday before the Tour.
As many residents will attest, nearly everyone in Terravita knows someone considering buying here, not to mention the number of residents who decide they want  to move up, or scale down, or just choose another home style  or lot location.  So help us spread the word.
Homes selected for the tour are given priority based on the order in which the listing agent registers their home, and precedence is given to homes that are new on the market or haven’t been on the tour in the past two months.  With 25 or more different listing agents with homes listed in the MLS, at any given time, the group of agents will vary from month to month.
This coming month the tour will expand beyond 12 if the demand is there.  A consensus of the Brokers that gathered afterward to evaluate our efforts, felt that more listings on tour would be desirable.  Not everyone will necessarily choose to see every home.
The collaborative efforts of independent Brokers from different companies is a critical part of getting homes sold. The broader the exposure of each home the better the chances of finding the right Buyer for each Seller’s property.  Broker to Broker “networking” may be an over-used phrase, but certainly is an under-estimated component of real estate sales. According to NAR (National Association of REALTORS statistics, 88% of all Buyers, use a REALTOR for their purchase.  When we act as a Listing Agent , our role is to market the home to as many agents as we can to make sure they are aware of our Sellers’ property.  Did you know that there are approximately 8200 active REALTOR members in the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS and there are countless REALTOR members in both Phoenix and the South East Valley Associations actively selling in Scottsdale.
Support your community, support its values and spread the word to your friends and neighbors about the great opportunity to get to know Terravita, its homes and its amenities.
Look for the Sign riders during the week preceding the tour indicating which homes will be on Tour that Friday.  If you would like to receive an email notification each month of the homes that will be on tour, register with any of the listing agents and we will make sure you get that announcement.
Hope to see you on the Tour,
Gayle Henderson- Terravita Home Tour Director.